Monday, November 25, 2013

I suppose I better bbbbblog for a bit

Gun season is here weeeee.  I look forward to the first hour of gun season and that's it.   Don't have enough deer the way it is, and so many people just kill and kill and kill.  The saying of "if it's brown it's down" just sucks I hate it.  Too many hunters see brown no matter what size the deer and just kill and kill.  Then wonder why we have no deer around anymore.  Idiots.

Well opening day I saw a lot of does and fawns and a couple small bucks, but don't need the meat really, only going to shoot a trophy buck, but at least I saw deer.  Sadly most the deer I saw are probably dead now.

But whew was it freezing cold as heck both Saturday and Sunday. Wow it was cold, then today we got 2.5 inches of the white stuff and still cold as heck out.  Only thing nice about that frigid temperature is not many guys are out and about that's for sure.  At least that will save some deer.   Hope the snow leaves soon, makes gun hunting way too easy for everyone to see the deer, track the deer etc etc.

Bright note so far of the gun season, got to kick the Jimmy Schlafli hunting crew off our land "again". They apparently think it's ok to drive the deer on our land, but ohhh no don't dare step foot on their land no way.  Jerks.  Soon as they saw me coming they were hustling away fast as they could.  I was less than pleasant.  They'll sneak back on as soon as nobody is around. Guaranteed.
Ok, let's see.  Actually looking forward to spending some time back in Burlington soon. Since September don't think I have spent more than 2 weeks total back there.  I need a break. Stressed out completely from constant running, hunting, cooking, cleaning and barrage of people around non stop, need a vacation from my life for a couple weeks, thank goodness it's Thanksgiving, then Christmas and New Years, so plenty of time to relax away from lots of people!!  OH BOY!!

Jeanne was going to come up Friday last week, and be here until Monday, but wasn't really worth her trip over here.  I wasn't going to be around much, she hates the cold more than me, so really would only see her in time for bed, and by 9 pm I was ready to pass out every night,  I'm getting to be a real partier in my old age hehe.  So, told her might as well save the gas money, she'd have to go right back Monday,  come back Wednesday or Thursday for Thanksgiving with my family,  then turn around and go back Friday for Saturday Thanksgiving with hers.  Holidays *sigh*.  Hope the roads are better tomorrow.

But it will be nice to see her and Loki for sure, haven't seen them much in a month.  Absence makes the heart go stronger?  Or is it Abstinence that makes it stronger?  Anyway I really need a break from hunting, I've enjoyed it a great deal, and done so much to push my anxiety further away, all good.  But dang I'm tired.

But hey, I need a new phone!!  Dropped it into Dad's chair the other day and must of hit a screw down in there, can't see half of my screen, makes texting nearly impossible, can't see any pictures.  Oh well it happens I guess.  

But anyway, apparently Jeanne and Loki are going to come tomorrow afternoon, I really look forward to seeing them again, and then heading back home , well my "other" home soon, but of course have to turn around and come back soon also,  have to do a little late season bow hunting of course!!! HAHA.

Anyway, going to leave my rantings at that right now, been quite a few days since I posted, so I'll try to post another blabbering tomorrow.

HAppy THanksgiving!