Monday, November 18, 2013

The hunt continues with not much progress

Been a few days since I've posted.  Been so busy hunting and running around just haven't taken the time.  Soon as you get done hunting in the morning, time you get 14 layers of clothes off from trying to keep warm and dry, you are ready for a nap.  But then just when you wanna do that, you are hungry, make breakfast then you are really sleepy.  Sit down for a bit, relax food coma sets in, stand up to take a nap, then another hunter friend stops in to chat.  One friend leaves someone else stops by, pretty soon, it's lunch time.  Phones ringing, more people stop by.  next thing you know it's 3 o'clock and time to get ready for hunting again.

I tell you this hunting for food is work!!  The cavemen did indeed have it nice without having to worry about phone calls, and they probably just speared anyone that stopped by to say "hello" when it was nap time.  Then they had more food.   Hmmm.

Anyway,  hunting is still great fun, the deer stands are still tough at times,  a few of them seem to be great for my brain to handle, some not so much.  But having killed 2 deer already.  I'm pretty good on meat for the winter into spring, so the pressure is off on that, now I can just wait for a "real buck" been a long time, I want a big one. Gun hunting doesn't count that much in my book, too easy.

But either way, Gun hunting season starts this Saturday, it'll be my 2nd season.  Last season was my first in 15 years, so I was actually excited.  This year.  eh not so much.  I look forward to the camaraderie with our hunting buddies more than anything.  But the first morning of the hunt is actually fun and exciting, after that not so much.  We only hunt on our own farm land, no longer can we really go anywhere else to hunt, so actually a lot of the fun is keeping other people who no longer let us hunt on their land, from hunting on ours.  Which they sneak on a lot and do, and we do not.  Hate that crap.  Oh well, I'm just thankful I'm well enough to go hunting and enjoy God's outdoors once again.

I was going to go back to Burlington today with Jeanne, we have some making up to do and some relationship work I think, but heck been 20 years together next month, we'll figure it out. I know I've been spending way too much time in Argyle, but not only is it fun hunting, but it's healing my old and tired brain from all that anxiety crap, and pushing the envelope on so many different things to expand my boundaries, I think it's worth it.

When I'm back in Burlington I seem to just kind of rot away into old habits too often, just not enough new experiences to keep me progressing back to normalcy.  Only bad thing about the Argyle crowd, they are almost always ready to tip a few alcoholic beverages,  and that old peer pressure and getting that urge to be part of the crowd at times gets to me, and I , well I guess I let it get to me and I tip a few. But after Jeanne and I talked a little about that subject, we didn't come to common ground exactly. She's right on the matter, but darnit, I do like a beverage now and then.  *sigh*.  Well, she'll win in the end either way.

What I hate most is deciding which of our beloved dogs goes to Burlington and which one stays in Argyle, we try to keep it even, but it's hard for me to let either of them go, love and miss them both so much.  Hunting and two "pups" don't make a match,  both are strong willed pain in the butts together, constantly wrestling for dominance over.. well us and each other.  mostly each other, I think they are already know they have the top hand on us.

So apparently Thor won the battle for Dad's attention lol.  Quite the difference between the two dogs, Thor is so much more calm and submissive to us and so much more loving.  Loki is very much independent, when he wants attention, you have to give it to him, or he's grumpy hehe.  But Loki has changed so much in the last 6 months, turning into such a great dog. Miss him dearly even for a few days.  But Thor apparently can't go without Daddy for even a day, he's really my boy for sure,  Loki is also, but not as much as Thor.

And separate the two are so much different also.  Thor can't hardly play with us while Loki is around, once Loki is gone, he's a ball of fire playing with us constantly, otherwise they both are fighting for attention.

OK, anyway, still having fun hunting,  even though it's almost like work at this point,  bucks are running around all over chasing the does around.  But we still have all the corn standing on the farm, so much corn............

That's kind of it for now, just a little blabbering for you