Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Too MUCH CORN!!!! Some will understand!

Well, it was time to head back to see my "other" family for a while, needed a break was wearing myself out constant going going "hunting"  I know it seems like it's just playing around, but dang I was getting pooped out, and stressed from constant bombardment of people everywhere you turned, kids yelling and kicking, dogs running crazy. Chaos.  Sleep in the camper, retreat to the camper, helped a lot.  But now back in Burlington for a few days, I MISS MY CAMPER!!

Fresh air and cool weather, even the bed was great, I see why those things are loved by so many, home away from home I tell you!

But it was time to get back for a few apparently sleepless nights, I slept maybe 2 hours all night, and what I did manage in sleep was constant very odd dreams. I think I may have missed some regularly scheduled meds I should have taken?  Don't feel sick, so that's what I'm going to have to go with.

Was nice getting greeted by my baby Thor after 10 days away from my little buddy.  You would think I was gone for a year the way I was greeted, he nearly bent himself in half wiggling his way to me, then I was mauled with a face lapping and whining for 15 minutes.  Brings a smile to your heart.  Never know he'd got his "boy parts" taken from him 11 days before, never changed a bit, but I still feel bad for him.

On a different note, after seeing such huge bucks around Argyle.  And so many deer running everywhere I just had to get away to smaller bucks and less deer.. ...... ..  Ok Ok.. sarcasm filter didn't catch that one.  Can't believe how little deer we have and the DNR says kill em all there is thousands!!!  Well our game cameras tell a different story!  But we do have 200 acres of standing corn for them to hide in.  Would be seeing more without that still up. But it will save the deer and give them places to hide on our farm.But Burlington.... this is another reason I "needed" and "wanted" to come back for a little.
 No not this one, the time on clock didn't change for daylights saving time.  I was checking my camera in hopes of getting a picture of the guy below this.  But there was deer out feeding, so I just pulled my camera out quick and didn't spook the deer.
 Now, THIS is a deer, I've seen him and his 2 buddies several times, but never close enough to get a shot.  In case you are wondering?  Yeah that is a big son of a buck. And one of his buddies is bigger, one just a tad smaller.
And of course one of our nuisance neighbors, there is a ton of coyotes around here.

That's another thing I hate about this time of year, stupid time change, throws your body out of whack for a bit, and gets dark so early, don't feel like doing much of nothing when it gets dark at supper or even before supper time.  Just get lazy, can't really do anything outside.  Of course winter coming, even know by the 60 degree temperatures we've had lately you wouldn't know it.  But the cold will come, never fails it's Wisconsin.  60 one day 10 the next, go figure.

And then last night, Aaron Rodgers goes down in the first quarter?? Come on man, couldn't of had a crappier night, maybe that's why I couldn't sleep, Packers lost to a less than good Bears team?  Geeeeez.

Then of course I still need new tires and rotors on my truck, Christmas coming, need parts for my travel trailer to get that renovated, along with every other monthly expense, just can't afford to do anything but going home to pout.

On the upside, well sort of.  Had the pleasure to talk with more and more people who have anxiety and put our heads together to help each other,  the upside being, others want to talk about our issues,  downside of course that there is so many other sufferers.  But it's nice to see people willing to open up about it now.

Ok enough for now, still feel less than super today, going to go pout.