Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Blood tests back and Searching for new Puppy

Well, the 3 days wait for blood work was horrible, I'm definately a hypochondriac, worry about health issues all the time, thanks mom and dad for passing that on to me, mix that with anxiety and every time you sneeze you think "oh no, what's wrong"?

But the days passed, I called in to get the results, and wow, did I have the right number? The numbers on everything were astoundingly good, and they did every test under the sun, except ONE. Alt's liver enzymes were double what they should be. So, fear anxiety and depression, worry and whatever adjective you want to throw in were in the game now. I just got back a glowing review from blood work, nothing else was wrong except that one test, and if there was something really wrong, the other liver tests they did would of been high also, and the nurse instead of saying "they are double what they should be, you better worry!!!" she could of said, yes it's a concern, but nothing else is high, so just relax, see what the doctor says. But pfft no.

The next week, off to the see the Doc, to go over the tests, they took blood pressure again, and this time, apparently the meds are working, was 115/75, yes I smiled. And he said about the blood tests,  yes don't worry, one blip on the high scale isn't a concern right now, we'll retest in a month and if it's not lowered then, we'll worry about it then. Oh great 30 days of pacing lol. So., stay off booze, excercise, and take an aspirin a day. And home I went, and you know what? The drive to the doctor's office was easier this time. Almost forgot about that. Still nervous, but didn't freak out.

NOW, I have to find a new puppy, I feel guilty, like I'm just replacing my lost buddy Niko, but I need that companionship, the distraction and hopefully the love that comes from man's best friend. I scoured old resources when I was looking for Niko, was only 3.5 years ago. But most the Siberian Husky breeders are way up north Wisconsin, 5-6 hours away. Internet hour after hour finally paid off, 40 minutes away, found the cutest 2 pups that were still left, a red one and a black and white one. I fell in love with the picture of the red and white one.

After back and forth on the phone with the breeder, I just said hold em for me, the wife will be down to get him very very soon. He was only 6 weeks at the time, we had to wait another week until we could take him home, but 7 weeks is still really really early to take him from his family but he'd have a great loving home to come to and would make him welcome and safe immediately.

I went internet shopping to spoil that boy right away, new big indoor kennel/cage for him new bed, bunch of treats and toys oh boy. Well that week waiting for him to come into my arms was brutal, but did take off the wait for getting my blood tested again. And that wait was longer than I've ever endured, but when Jeanne walked up to the door with that tiny little pup in her arms I had tears, my heart was immediately healing from my loss of Niko, I'd never seen such a cute pile of fur before.

And of course the little turd is a royal pain in the butt like every other 7 week old puppy I've met lol. The time flew the final 3 weeks until blood test time. Had to leave the little pup home for a ride to town and get blood sucked out, didn't go well, I was a mess this time, a nervous wreck, was very difficult, the ride wasn't horrible, was a little jumpy, but when I got in the chair to get the blood drawn, which doesn't bother me, just being there, I was shaking like crazy, soon as she was done, I basically ran out of the hospital.

Got home, without too much trouble, to a waiting puppy to calm me down, and it did. Two days later after tiring of waiting for the blood test results, I called and called til I got the results, and they were PERFECT. One month of no alcohol, and my liver was perfect, as was everything else. No longer can I think my health is causing anxiety. Now it's time to get things straightened out and fixed. NOW.