Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Spring back ? Fall Ahead? Where is summer?

You have to be kidding me, so we made the trip to Argyle last weekend, to see family and meet up with friends for a "working" supper.  And we get dumped on with a foot of the white powdery stuff?

Someone needs a talk with Mother Nature, must be her time of the month or something this is ridiculous.  Only in Wisconsin can you be sunbathing on Saturday and Snowmobiling on Sunday. Gotta love it.  Guess I do or I'd move to Alaska where the weather apparently is more on an even level with the time of year you happen to live.


                                                       And that's how I feel about it!!

Yep , spring in Wisconsin is a great thing isn't it?  And I was thinking of putting away the snowblower and putting on the mower deck already......... Good thing I wasn't that motivated to do it.

Anyway.  back in Burlington Monday,, we have maybe 2 inches compared to 12, which it's almost all melted off here so all is good in the Eastern part of the state of Wisconsin.

Well my two kids, the furry kind Thor and Loki were regular turds as usual.

                                                                 Double and Trouble


                                              And making sure Grandma doesn't eat too much!

Anyway, not a chatty blog post on this one, watched a lot of basketball, GO BADGERS!! Ate way too much food at home and with friends,  thanks AJ DIANA AND LANCE!!  

So, just a few pictures of the trip, the whining about winter during Spring?  And until next time!!  Keep your boots on and your shovel ready!