Thursday, October 25, 2012

Stress stress stress

Well yeah, been awhile, October been just brutal month of constant running with really no pay off it seems.  Just stress and more of it.  So, without further introductions,  I guess i'll try to catch up where I left off.

Last time I posted was about 16 days ago, which seems like 2 years. The month started with Jeanne having to take her dad to milwaukee for his radiation treatments.  So, I'm home alone, which yeah big deal right?  Well she's gone from 3-5 hours, that's new for me over the past 10 years, so that raised stress levels way up, but surprisingly didn't really effect my anxiety, in the past that would of driven me into a frenzy, but I survived it, only lasted a couple weeks I guess.  What's funny about it,  her Dad would drive 30 minutes to Burlington to meet with Jeanne then have her drive using our gas, so he could save money.  So nice of him.  That's part of my stress I live around, it's little things

But, my main cause and concern, and yeah i'll get yelled at for posting I guess the issues I have with my mother-in-law, but if you don't want to read about it, don't read it here!  First of all she don't like men, so strike one on me, no she's married, seperated of course, just doesn't like guys, and most women the way it seems, unless she's trying to impress someone then you see a different person, soon as they are gone, back to same old same old.

This will take a bit to go through.
I can only assume she's holding my anxiety issues and the fact we lived with her at the other house for 10 years with my issues about 13 years all together, or something else, I don't know.  But the most recent events has put me to the point I refuse to acknowledge that woman at all, haven't spoken to her in about 2 weeks, last thing I said to her wasn't really a phrase, more of the middle finger and a wave.  I was brought up to respect everyone, especially those older than I, and more specifically my elders, or elderly.  That person I speak of now, I don't know where to put on that list, I refuse to respect her.

We've been in our current residence for almost 3 years already,  the first 4 months she didn't come here, she stayed "home" because she wasn't "wanted".   But I guess it was a vacation, she got paid for that time even though she wasn't here, and did nothing to clean her home up so it could be sold or rented out. Just shopped and watched tv I guess.

So that brings us to recent events,  I found a renter, after that house been sitting there nearly 3 years without her "allowing" anyone to move forward and do something about the home, besides Jeanne and I running back and forth to bring items down little by little, no one else did anything.  Ok, time to move fast, we got a renter, and yes my dear you will make MONEY on renting it, since you pay a mortgage, hey it's money!! Grab it.  No, lets drag our feet. Day after day time ticked, driving Jeanne nuts since she's doing a majority of the paperwork, and needs an answer fast on the OK to do things,  well it drove her almost to a nervous breakdown, she came over crying one day from talking to her mother,  this wasn't the first time in the past week,  I had enough,  I asked the woman what she said to upset Jeanne so much, and I asked in a RESPECTFUL manner and tone, just "I'd like to help, what did you say to upset Jeanne so much" , the womans response?   "I"m sure it was you"!   Well,  F*** you.   Denial much?

Strike two I guess.

We finally got the ok to get a moving truck and move forward after a lot of debate and more tears and frustration.  And then apparently,  I have to pay for the truck for two days, err well yeah ok, am I getting refunded from the woman?  "oh yes of course?"  We'll see.  250 bucks later the house is basically empty.

The other kicker of this fun venture, during the big move, my brother in law Richard, who is the only man on earth the woman will move heaven and earth for, kissing the ground he walks on,  now I like Richard, get a long great, we live in his house and take care of it and his kids and the outside, in exchange for rent, so does the "woman"  plus a really nice salary.  

WELL,  during the move, everyone takes a break.  Richard and I are eating in the living room alone,  the woman comes in, walks over to Richard, back to me, "Richard, do you need anything? everything ok?  And thank you so much for everything you are doing, I couldn't have done it without you."  and walks into the kitchen leaving her back to me entire way.

We finish eating, go into the kitchen,  the woman turns to Richard,  "I have another half a sandwich, would you like it Richard?  and once again "I couldn't have done this without you".  Yes, thanks Lance lol.   Am I Jealous of Rich?  Nope,  Am I spiteful of her? You bet your ass.

Jeanne and I have been cleaning and moving crap, and pulling carpets, making all the phone calls all the appointments, everything, I haven't heard one peep of a thank you.  That's all I want. And some resemblance of respect as a human being if nothing else, an acknowledgment that the woman isn't "better" than me I guess?  whatever.

I guess, foul tip, no strike three, cuz one last straw, the camel and all that.  A couple mornings after the move I went over to tease the kids while they are eating breakfast, sometimes they are really slow, and I make a game out of it, and they are off to school slick and easy instead of the persistent arguing with the "woman".  So, yep they are messing around not eating, and I shortly had them all giggling and eating,  the WOMAN, turns to Jeanne, "will you get him out of here?"   My GOD.  I guess let the kids argue and be late for school.

strikeeeeeeeee three and you are out of here.

Ok, enough, I had to vent that out to the world for my mental state, guess I need to see psychologist again and go through this one with her, she already said I need to get away from her a few months ago, she'd probably pay for the moving truck if I told her this one.

OK, anyway.  Last night we had to make another trip up to Mukwonago, to take out garbage for pickup, yeah of course jeanne and I had to, who else would?   Stopped by Wally world for some snacks and breakfast stuff for home, and home depot to do some pricing for,  yep you guessed it, the womans house.  who else is gonna?

But anyway, halfway home started having a pretty good panic attack, not fun,  I think this months stress is really getting to me.  I haven't done a darn thing at all today, trying to relax for once, I mean nothing at all, did take a dump twice, which was entertaining lol.

Loki's all healed up, cuz he's back to being quite the monster.  And I'm still hoping to go hunting on the 17th of November, been long time, we'll see, who knows what'll come up next, I may be better off just staying there once I get HOME.