Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Here comes Santa Clause! too early

Well, we got done with the Mukwonago house basically on the 1st for move in today,  last 3 days of working were 12 hour ones and I had come down with a nasty nasty cold, was miserable trying to focus and get crap done.  And I don't think anyone but Richard still has gotten a thank you for doing all the work for the mother in law.  That just eats at me terrible.  And I was messing with the kids in the kitchen a bit ago just now, and got a "why don't you go somewhere else from the woman again.   *sigh*.

So, I guess I look forward to seeing MY family coming up soon,  deer hunting starts on the 17th, I still plan on going, or at the least going over there for a few days, would love to stay for a week, but I'm sure Jeanne will go nuts being there too long without her internet.  I miss it a little, but after a couple days, you just forget about it, busy doing other things.

SO, I try to put the motherinlaw behind me, and move forward, but even though this place is very large, you still have to deal with her, snapping and growling, then she comes acrossed Richard and it's all smiles to him, well when he's here.  somewhat changes when,,, well not going to go there.

Been feeling great besides my cold, and a bad tooth, very good anxiety wise.  No troubles at all, I think spending so many days  going back and forth constantly to the other house and working hard really did a great deal of good for me.

So, last night went out for a walk with Loki and Jeanne back to where I have my Trail Camera set up.  about  
9:30 pm pitch dark, trusty flashlight in hand, and sure enough 2 coyotes about 70 yards away just at the edge of the woods.  They just stood there staring at us, long time 10 minutes or so, they moved around some,  but geez normally coyotes see you , and they are gone, not these.  While watching them, heard the brush to my front right, about 30 yards where my camera was, and here comes another coyote coming up the fence line towards us.  Now, normally coyotes don't bug me in the least, but they didn't seem to give a crap, and probably looked at Loki as lunch?  We backed out of there and went home.  No sense in taking a chance I guess.

Cold and rainy all day, not liking the winter ahead, but not going to be the same this year as it has been for passed 10 years, almost 11 now I guess.  Usually I get really bad in the winter, since I couldn't get in a car and barely go outside for so long, winters were even worse,  too cold to just go outside and work on whatever, get stuck inside so much,, now i'll be able to do whatever and plow literally through this winter and not lose a step, even if it kills me.

I'm hoping I can get back to painting again, but every time I start I think of all the times I was painting because of anxiety to get it off my mind,  now it's hard to do it because I enjoy it.  Guess I just need to start and hope the fun comes back into again.

Going to keep this short for now, I have loads more to share so , tomorrow.

Cya soon.